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Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

Province of Central Java

Everyone knows about the Province of Central Java. More or less what they know about the Central Java must be about the Borobudur and Prambanan., sometimes these temples to remind us of ancient tribes in various parts of the world. Look at the relief and artifacts found in the temple which is characteristic of the existence of various kingdoms in Indonesia, similarly, in various parts of the world, as well as Mayan Aztecs in Mexico Need to be recognized that both are very fantastic and beautiful. However, there were so many other things that are not less interesting.

Central Java is an Indonesian province located in the center of the island of Java. This province borders the province of West Java in the west, Indian Ocean and the Special Region of Yogyakarta on the south, East Java in the east, and the Java Sea to the north. Its area is 32,548 km ², or approximately 25.04% of the island of Java. Central Java province also includes the island of Nusakambangan in the south (near the border with West Java), and the Karimun Java archipelago in the Java Sea. So, could be concluded that the province of Central Java's huge! If viewed from this province map covers a very large part of the island of Java, 25.04%. Could you imagine how great it was?

Central Java Province is one of the warm temperatures and identical with hot temperature, because the provincial average on the island of Java has a temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius. With the warm temperatures make the visitors interested in travel to Bandengan Coast. Condition sloping beaches, clean water quality, and the expanse of white sand area of the main attraction. Here, people can shower as much as he enjoyed a light breeze. The beach is mostly pandanus trees on their land are very suitable to be a place rags, etc.

While in Central Java, you might be a little unnerved at the sight of one of the unique phenomenon that is here. Namely, Bledug Kuwu which is a phenomenon that is very unique. Bledug Kuwu mud volcano phenomenon that has existed long before the time of the ancient Mataram kingdom, and there was great until now. Very interesting place. There is a place again in Central Java which is considered attractive. Namely, Cave Jatijajar, from Bledug Kuwu into Cave Jatijajar have to travel a considerable distance. Remembering Volkswagen in Germany, is here anyone use a car like that? Turns out there, although not as much in his native country Germany, but still I see Volkswagen strolling in Central Java

Have you ever heard of Jatijajar Cave? People who have seen would agree that it is awe-inspiring and certainly interesting. In front of the cave there is a statue Jatijajar dinosaur as an important symbol of the cave. Anyone who enters this cave is automatically passed dinosaur’s statue's mouth. This statue looks out of the water as the spring in the cave mouth. And miraculously, it was believed the water would never empty. More far into the cave will be found many ornaments Stalactite, stalagmite and pillars of limestone. And the cave was turned into a bigger and more beautiful. Increasingly entered the cave there are eight statues total deodrama plus 32 copies. The statue was told about the legend of Raden Kamandaka identical Lutung Kasarung legend. It is said that the cave was used as a hermitage by Raden Kamandaka. Inside the cave was a shining light emanating from the cave ceiling is perforated. Making cave looks so beautiful, colorful, and exotic with a mix of light in it.

Not far from the cave Jatijajar there a store that sells typical foods of Central Java as gethuk magelang and also Ongklok Noodle. It was not enjoyable when visiting central Java, but have not tasted gethuk magelang. Try gethuk magelang feel soft, sweet and savory. Coupled with the color variation that makes colorful eye-catching look. In contrast to the visible gethuk magelang eye-catching, Ongklok Noodle which is the pride of Wonosobo food taste a bit spicy. It was not very spicy, let alone identical to taste spicy, but, this one noodle if you have added very spicy chili because it's basically been pretty spicy and tasty.

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