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Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

Random post

it has been a very long time so, back to reality then a lot of things happen. i'm freaking bored and tired barely at the same time, things came out from my head ramdomly and it was "how about editing some photos?" but in fact i have no social network beside twitter which is why eventually the photos wasn't quite good-looking or something because it was like the photo has been took a very long time ago -______- oh god isn't that too late if i wish i have a facebook -____- but well whateve and who cares??? Actually these such a junk post and junk photo as well but still i'll show you some .......

naaaah you see? which one better? none? ya i know that.
ohyeah i forgot to tell who's the girl on that picture! the left one is ME and the right one named putri she's my cousin, click here to open her web :)