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Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

wish me luck for this busy june!!

Whoawhoawhoaa...Hello June!!! Good bye May and say hello to June! Oh gosh this june would be very busy month, not because of the task but about wishing all things going right and success:)before wishing something I wanna apologize if I had mistakes.Then, what happen in june? EXAM!SCORE!THE LAST MONTH WITH 8E!
Make it simple guys,first these are my wishes:
1. EXAM!!! I wish my score would be better than the last. I wish 90 would be my minimum score for the exam. Not just me but also #8!! AMIIN YA ROBBALALAMIIN YA ALLAH!!!
2. Report Card! I wish my score would make my parent proud! Better of course. UP I really hope so. AMIIN YA ALLAH!
3. No more problems and of course be a better person:)

AMIIIN !!!! YA ROBBALALAMIN !! Oh god please grant my wishes...

The last, please wish me and #8 luck for everything! I wish you luck too :D:D:D

And..once again..
Sorry for my bad grammar ;P

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