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Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

No Limit

yesterday wasn't my favorite because my favorite drama was end that day. well, it was kind of cool tv series and i love to watch it! my friend already has the dvd and i will borrow that on monday....WOHOOOOO!!! so, how is like? these

kang hae bin , cha bung gun, yonyi

cha bung gun a.k.a yunho with kang hae bin

kang hae bin is the daughter of the leader of football club where cha bung was playing in. Kang hae bin was cha bung gun's agent. Cha bung gun didn't know that kang hae bin is the daughter of the FC Leader till' he fired from the club, then Jang Seng Wu told him the truth about kang hae bin because Jang Seng Wu was upset kang hae bin loose her chance and her dream being agent just to bringing back cha bung gun to the FC team. Although Jang seng wu always hurt cha bung gun, cha bung gun never told kang hae bin. Cha bung gun fall in love with her. Finnaly kang hae bin knew what happened with cha bung it was all because jang seng wu, then she finnaly realize that she love cha bung gun too......

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