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Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

men always holds his own words

wow! My teacher is very cruel! he gives a very cumbersome task that has also been spending my time. It is the duty of the task group and now the task is not finished at all! So, I called my teacher and say that I was not able to complete the task on time, so I asked if if I can collect it on Monday and he said "okay, but" but, my score minus 5 points. I'm very happy at that moment. However, it turns out when the collection day tasks instead he scolded me for not collecting duties on time. He said that the day was the last day to collect duty and I can not synthesize the job Monday. Though he has been told that I could collect it on Monday. When I say "men always holds his own words" and with the magic he said "okay, you may gather on Monday." WOW! I AM VERY GLAD!

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