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Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

Please read this especially at the last part

Now I'm trying to do everything best that i could do to make the acex project success. But, i can not make it without the support from all of you. It does not important that we could win or not because, though we're lose we'll still be the winner. We already win guys, trust me! You know why? We win from all the egos that we have, we could understand each other, we know what the problem is and try to fix it together without ambition to be a winner and especially patient. I know that we all want to be the winner but, we need to know the ability of each person. If we lose, do not ever sad or even blaming each other. Because we have tried as much as we can. We must understand that acex is not the only thing we have to do now. There are many tasks and tests that also we must think. Do not let us be neglected lesson, all must be balanced, guys! The important thing is that we can understand each other and help each other. Do not delegate the job to one person only, if that happens we can not blame him if there are mistakes in his work because it's our responsibility too. All the mistakes that happened in this project is our fault, not just the fault of one person.

I really hope we can understand each other and would never blame each other, whatever will happen later. I believe we can make it, guys! We will do the best, i promise you that!

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